10 reasons why your organization needs an Intranet portal

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why your organization needs an Intranet portal

1. Collaboration-  An Intranet inter-links all departments by bringing all users on  one platform. The document management feature on most Intranets help users from different departments work together on any single project, it helps keep a check on; authorization, feedback, customization, approvals and other customizations which can be followed and tracked.

2. Communication- In today’s world with so many options in communicating companies still find it tough to have departments and resources linked. It is essential for employees or clients in different departments/locations to get all communication & information documented on a singular platform and visible to all interested users, an intranet helps make it possible.

3. Employee collaboration & engagement- Intranets create a culture which thrives on collaboration. An Intranet helps in important announcements, new initiatives and policies showcase company history and culture, Employee recognition and Events calendar. An Intranet can be customized to have any feature that suits your organizations day-to-day functioning

4. Knowledge management- One of the most important functions of an Intranet is its knowledge sharing capability, information in a company needs to be organized, captured, shared and retrieved this is done in the form of; comments, discussions, blogs etc. The Intranet becomes the centralized repository for all such information and with the search feature it is extremely easy to find any required data.

5. Organizational structure- Most mid-sized to large organization loose thousands of opportunities because of undocumented skill set, document misplacement and miscommunication. The whole purpose of an Intranet is to bring structure by building a centralized platform which makes it easier to find things. The Intranet search function does just that, if a document or tool is present in a different department, you should be able to find it.

6. Intranet cost- Most Intranets can be bought and implemented in a nominal budget. Intranets are mostly small websites or portals. There are no additional costs except for some minimal charges which come with any application of this magnitude.

7. Management- Intranets have always had multiple functions and features that used to make it a pretty tricky and strenuous experience for the web administrators to manage. Most intranet portals today offer a great user interface which makes it very comfortable to perform almost all day-to-day tasks.

8. Web Based – All you need is an internet connection!! This is one of the most beneficial aspects of an Intranet. After acquiring an intranet you don’t need to worry about setting it up on any since it is a web based platform the user can simply log in to.

9. Resource Delivery – Large organization often find it hard to find the skills and resources required for a particular task and end up hiring a third party. With an intranet, companies can efficiently make resources available to all departments. This transforms into increased efficiency and cost-saving.

10. Maintenance – Most Intranets have little to no maintenance costs. It works across any platform – PC or Mac. IT support is hardly needed and most companies like ours offer subsidized charges for the ITCube intranet portal’s maintenance

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