A Dynamic Vendor Management System For A Petroleum Corporation From Kuwait


About Client

Founded in 1963, the client is one of the biggest Kuwait based Petroleum companies and a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). Today the client is a leader in the petrochemical industry in Kuwait with customers and suppliers spread throughout the Middle East.

Business Challenges

  • Delay in manually registering new vendors.
  • Difficulty in keeping a track of past and new tenders.
  • Lack of quick access to key information about vendor contracts and payments.
  • Delay in contract approvals and purchase approvals.
  • Difficulty in getting an overview of all suppliers and contractors worldwide.
  • Challenges due to improper Data Management

Solution Provided

  • Digital Portal for approvals and on-boarding of suppliers and new customers.
  • A dynamic automated tender management process module.
  • Automated Contract creation, approval, and PO mapping process
  • Digitized the RFQ process with different levels of approvals, contract creation & Purchase Order mapping
  • Different types of Dashboard for PIC to analyze data w.r.t. purchase orders, contracts, vendors, etc.
  • Integration the vendor management portal with existing Oracle-based ERP system

Business Benefits

  • Reduction in vendor registration time by virtue of online onboarding.
  • Enabled the customers and suppliers to access the data online thus resulting in better response time from the vendor.
  • Efficiency in order and contract management due to better data visibility & analysis.
  • Regular intimations to supplier and PIC users about their pending Tasks and expiring things.
  • Improvement in accessibility by virtue of a secured Bilingual (English and Arabic) internet-facing application.
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