A UK-Based Health Organization Adopts Digitization For Efficient Project Management


About The Client

The client is a large publicly funded government health organization based in the United Kingdom with more than 1.5 million employees.

Business Challenges

  • Difficulty in tracking project deadlines.
  • Lack of weekly/monthly project management insights.
  • Inability to monitor risks associated with project and capture mitigation actions.
  • Slow turn-around to gather and share information about the projects.
  • Difficulty in tracking allocated and utilized budgets for projects.

Solutions Provided

  • Develop a responsive digital project management single web-based platform.
  • Project tracking feature to effectively know milestones for funds budgeted and utilized.
  • Enable key stakeholders to define role-based access for project managers and admins.
  • Create a comprehensive reporting facility within the platform itself.
  • Develop a feature which enables the user to assign goals, objectives, and evaluate against them.

Business Benefit

  • Enabled Digital transformation by virtue of web-based Project Management platform.
  • Quick turnaround time for information gathering and sharing about key details of the project.
  • Key Stakeholders of the business gained complete control over on-going medical projects in the UK and EU.
  • Reduction in time taken to manage projects by facilitating managers to track multiple projects.
  • Informed decision making by virtue of data analysis and report generation.


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