AI-Powered Meter Reading Utility For A Large Government Corporation In India


About the Client

The client is a government organization in the state of Maharashtra, India. With over 3500 employee strength, they promote industrial development in the state by providing different utility facilities and services to the industries. The client has 32 regional offices that overlook utility meter reading and bill processing for 60,000 customers.

Business Challenges

  1. High turn-around time for the meter reading and logging due to the manual checking process.
  2. Inability to process utility billing on-time.
  3. Lack of transparency about the utility usage billing cycle.
  4. Loss of revenue and time due to human errors during utility bill generation.

Solutions Provided

Develop an automated system to capture real-time utility meter reading using AI builder and PowerApps and link with the client’s ERP system.

  • Capture Water Meter Photo from mobile devices and the use of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Builder Text Recognition feature for highlighting all readable parts of Meter.
  • Connectivity with On-Prem ERP system by using a data gateway to fetch customer details to push meter data directly into the ERP.
  • Option to Capture Meter photos and save data in offline mode.
  • Admin screen for Meter Reader to cross verify the Meter readings.

Business Benefit

  • Completely automated utility meter reading process thereby reducing billing generation time significantly.
  • Eliminated Manual verification step by using AI and Auto-detection of readings
  • The time required to generate a Water Meter bill was reduced by 70%
  • Human prone errors reduced to the effect of 99.9% due to an automated interface.
  • The sophistication and ease of application deploy resulted in a reduction in manpower for meter reading by 40%
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