The Benefits of SharePoint for Small Businesses

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The Benefits of SharePoint for Small Businesses

Cloud storage has been proven to be an integral asset to business of all sizes. They help to boost productivity and IT capability, as well as offer myriad of other benefits to business owners. Of the many platforms available today, SharePoint provides the most practical solutions to drive innovation and better streamline workflow for small businesses in particular.

Below are your top five advantages to using SharePoint:

Ease of Use

Getting your staff acclimated to using new software can be quite a challenge. SharePoint is designed with exactly this in mind. To make the product easy to use for everyone, SharePoint developer Microsoft designed the interface to resemble and integrate with Microsoft Office. Like with all cloud storage services, you can access your SharePoint account from any device. This is crucial for companies using an offshoring model, where offshore software testing services are used either in lieu of, or in conjunction with an onsite IT team.

Consolidate Emails

Internal communications, most commonly in the form of email, can be extremely difficult to manage for most businesses. Emails pile up quickly and there is no way to establish a system for staff to follow when it comes to reading and responding to important notices. However, SharePoint allows you to create a portal where you can securely share and store your company’s internal emails. Storing these communications in one place insures that everyone within your organization is operating from the most current data, thus eliminating the risk of employee error made based on outdated information.

Improved Project Management

The capability to coordinate projects in an organized and effective fashion is essential to the success of any business. SharePoint allows users to do this by generating Gantt charts, utilizing calendars that can be merged with Microsoft Outlook, and via their easy-to-manage task list. These features remove the onus of having to keep track of a long, dynamic, project list from project managers, while fostering deeper involvement from staff members. With the task list for example, staff can amend and review items in progress on their own.

Better Distribution of Vital Information

Chances are, like most businesses, your business produces a wealth of documents on a daily basis. Whether it’s instructions for specific tasks, or protocol updates, you’ll want to ensure that the information you dispense is readily available for your staff to recall later.

Rather than require that employees save company documents to their desktops, SharePoint provides you with the ability to store them in a central depositary. This way, your documents stay protected from potential cyber security threats and employees can easily get to them when needed.


Perhaps its greatest selling point, SharePoint promotes seamless collaboration by enabling users to share their ideas on everything from documents to meetings. For example, your more seasoned employees can use wikis to share experiences that may aid newer employees as they adapt to their workloads. Users can also access and update files already on the platform.

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