The Benefits of Working with a Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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The Benefits of Working with a Microsoft SharePoint Partner


Many people may have never heard of a Microsoft Managed Partner. While the Microsoft Office Suite has been around for decades, and SharePoint has become an integral part of many businesses, that doesn't mean that every business is familiar with the resources and partnerships that are available. However, there are some definite advantages to establishing and maintaining those partnerships. You can continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of working with a Microsoft SharePoint Partner.

Proven Expertise

Bronze and silver certifications are milestones that tech companies can use to work their way up the ladder. As their developers receive their own certifications and the company steadily builds up a portfolio of successful projects, eventually a select few will earn gold status. The gold certification indicates not only a certain level of achievement and status, but also a degree of trust and confidence that Microsoft is officially declaring in that particular company and its people. As the highest possible echelon of achievement, it's not just something to boast about, but rather it demonstrates a commitment to excellence and proven ability.

Having that proven expertise at your disposal is a definite advantage over the competition. Making the most out of what SharePoint has to offer can make you and your business more productive, while minimizing hassles and roadblocks that can cause you to waste valuable time and energy. Every effort you put into your business should be rewarded, and having a Microsoft Partner can help you to get the most out of your software and your daily activities.

The Insider Advantage

A Microsoft Managed Partner has direct access to support channels within Microsoft. While being constantly up-to-date with policies and procedures is certainly nice, as is having the inside scoop on upcoming changes or features, having an ongoing working relationship with a Partner goes beyond that. You can think of those support channels as a network or crowd-sourced resource with developers and technicians around the world sharing information, ideas, fixes, and workarounds. Even if you have your own IT department, it's unlikely that it will come anywhere near the collective expertise and experience that a Managed Partner can levy to your aid. Having a Microsoft SharePoint Partner provides an invaluable tool to help boost your business to the head of the pack.

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