Scale Your Business Using Data Analytics

Microsoft’s .NET is a widely used technology to build robust, scalable applications using multiple libraries and programming languages. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, ITCube has extensive experience delivering .Net based technology solutions to companies. We help our customers at every stage of the software development life-cycle, right from conceptualization to planning, development, training and support, allowing them to stay focused on their business goals.


Our Blockchain Service Offering

Supply Chain Tracking and Compliance

As sensitive products and services are distributed from one supply chain participant to another, strict industry regulations on transportation and storage mean that you need a way to constantly monitor your products’ movements. Our experience with heavily regulated industries (especially healthcare) enables us to build solutions that track and bring up problems within any specific segment of the supply chain, giving you the complete visibility to ensure maximum compliance with the delivery quality end customers demand.

Verifiable Credentials

The recruitment of highly qualified professionals in highly regulated industries depends on a swift verification of their credentials. Our credential verifier solution leverages blockchain principles of self-sovereign identity and decentralized identity to create digital cryptographic versions of credentials. The inherent auditability and transparency of the blockchain network enables the employer to quickly and securely verify the professional’s credentials and empowers the professional to take control of how they share their own credentials.

Why Choose ITCube As Your Blockchain Partner?

Business + Technology Strategic Ideation

When it comes developing and deploying a blockchain solution, technical expertise alone is not enough. Our team of qualified consultants and business analysts strive to understand your specific business, your blockchain needs and how blockchain can address those needs. We have also partnered with blockchain experts to combine business analysis with technical implementation. Our multi-industry experience is geared toward helping you build blockchain solutions that are not only scalable and secure, but also adaptable and well-supported.

A Model That Suits You

Perhaps you want blockchain-as-a-service, so you can leverage cloud-based solutions to build and host your blockchain apps while paying the service provider a fee to manage and support the infrastructure. Maybe you already have in-house professionals experienced in data science/cryptography that you want to upskill for blockchain. Wherever you are in your blockchain journey, our team is here to work as your decision support system and help you achieve your blockchain objectives.