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Tableau is the one of the leading Business Intelligence software in the market. We can create most interactive BI reports using Tableau.

Why Business Intelligence reports are required?

Business Intelligence reports are the mirror of the organization growth. Using these analytics C-Level execs can take better and informed decisions and keep their company, division, department or team on track.. They feel confident of the decisions they take using these analytics.

Good business intelligence must integrate data from every available data source in the company, and present that data in a way that is meaningful to every user – in other words, it must be personalized to the role and function of the users. Tableau helps to retrieve data from different data sources very fast and represent it in an efficient manner.

Why to use Tableau?

Here are the some good features in the TableauTablu

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Fast data retrieval
  3. Interactive reports
  4. Easy to share reports
  5. Can connect to multiple types of data sources [Having facility to connect BigData, Cloud based Database, Excel, relational database, etc]
  6. Incorporate the reports in other application
  7. Report rendering
  8. Security

Tableau is more user friendly tool, we can create or handle [Analyze Data] the report very easily. It has facility to highlight and create a set of highlighted records for further analysis.

Tableau will provide the facility to the end user to view the published dashboards on any devices like Mobile, tablet, Laptops, etc.

How to View Reports?

There are multiple ways to view the Tableau reports:

  1. Tableau Desktop:

It is a standalone application which helps us to visualize and analyze data, create workbooks, visualizations of dashboards and stories.

  1. Tableau Public :

Tableau public is a freely available tool, we can publish public information over here.  It is similar to Tableau Desktop, the only difference is that it is limited to the data. There is no security, anyone can view and download your data.

  1. Tableau Server

Tableau Server is install and maintain the systems on your own hardware, which is used to share and create visualizations for organizations with full security. It is available for browser as well as mobile based insights. It is very easy to share your dashboard with others in the organization.

  1. Tableau Online :

Tableau Online which helps to connect Cloud. You can purchase and maintain multiple sites, configure users and permissions. No guest access, all users must require credential to view published dashboards.

Both Tableau Online and Tableau Server require Tableau Desktop Professional Edition for publishing workbooks and data sources.

Sample reports

Some sample reports we created are made available on the following link. Please browse thru the reports. If you have any such requirements please get in touch with ITCube’s sales team at!/vizhome/Demo_198/ProfitByMarket

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