ITCube Deploys A Robust Cane Management System For A Manufacturing Giant


About the client

The client is a public listed Manufacturing giant with revenue of more than $1.4 billion, producing goods for the consumer market. They have more than 1700 employees working in manufacturing plants spread across 7 locations in India.

Business Challenges

  • Absence of central repository of the entire master & transactions list
  • Inability to implement specific configurations manufacturing plants at different locations
  • Difficulty in manually handling of existing volume and future growth
  • Stop-gaps in the financial operations due to the absence of a digitized double-entry accounting system
  • Lack of standardization in the data process.
  • Lack of control over the supply chain and logistics due to person-centric manual processes
  • No transparency & visibility of payables, advances & payments
  • Loss of time & money due to unattended tasks & manual escalations

Solution Provided

  • Web-based application for Plantation Management / Cutting Order Management / Trip Sheet Management for cane procurement
  • Windows application to integrate with Weighbridge Kit (Manned/Unmanned)
  • Windows application for Token Generation and Weight Slip (IN/OUT) Generation
  • Windows service for periodically updating plant Data as per Central Data. And Transferring token/Weight slip /Diesel Disbursement data from plant database to centralize database.
  • User-friendly screens to manage, master & configure data.
  • Template Excel automation for generating Charts, Pivot, and User-Defined Structures in some reports.
  • Strong authentication and role-based authorization implementation.
  • A Double-entry accounting system with live ledger verification, reports, and dashboards to validate the accounting data.
  • Background Processing Architecture for huge and extensive data calculations.
  • Invoice Generation as soon as service received from Farmer / Transporter / Harvesters
  • Bill Generation as soon as any loan given to Farmer / Transporter / Harvester
  • Automatic Loan Recovery through invoice generated against the respective service received from Farmer / Transporter / Harvester
  • Payment processing portal with automated financial entries & recorded transaction details.

Business Benefits

  • Complete digitization of finance and operations of all the manufacturing plants.
  • 360-degree overview of databases for various production plants via a centralized web. application leading to better visibility and enhanced employee productivity.
  • Streamline processes via custom application instead of costly ERP.
  • The Digitized Double Entry System improved accounting operations, reducing errors to the tune of 99.99 percent.
  • Swift registration of plantation/farmer/vendor via web- application.
  • Instant validation of the accounting data via real-time reports.
  • Secured authentication and role authorization.
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards leading efficient tracking of different KPIs & data-driven decision making.
  • Saved time on huge data calculations due to swift Background Processing Architecture.
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