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Construction workers creating building plans using data analytics
Enabling Informed Decision Making by Leveraging Data Analytics in Construction Industry
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The coronavirus has halted the construction industry prompting layoffs, project delays, furloughs, and cancellations. As the organizations slowly recover from the COVID-19 impact, it is important to know how they can overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic going forward....
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Insurance executives using data analytics to make decisions
How Data Analytics Is Empowering The Insurance Sector
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Today data intelligence is at the core of all businesses with everyone scrambling to unlock the hidden secrets by leveraging the power of predictive analysis. The insurance sector stands out as an early adopter of data intelligence with many examples...
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4 Ways ITCube’s Legal Case Tracker (LCT) Can Empower Legal Teams
Legal Case Tracker – Enabling Digital transformation Law Firms
Technology has impacted every domain today and the Legal industry is surely catching up to realize the potential of digital solutions. One of the best ways of leveraging technology in the legal industry is by adopting digital transformation in the...
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