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Choosing the Right Outsourced Product Development for ISV

An independent software vendor (ISV) helps serve companies that need a personalized software system to sustain their operations, but aren’t equipped to develop that software for themselves. ISVs can serve a wide range of types of businesses, from retail to healthcare. Choosing the right software product outsourcing services in India can help ensure that the ISV solutions you receive are up to par.

Identify the Specializations You May Need

Different software product development groups may have specific areas of expertise in how they serve their customers. Depending on the niche that your market is in, you may need more of one type of specialization than another. For instance, technology consulting as a service may provide you with strategies for using data collected online on customers. This can help with retargeting campaigns—something highly relevant in the retail sector. Know the specializations most relevant to your industry, and make sure that the ISV you choose can provide them.

Examine Their Reputation

Any company is going to rave about themselves on their own website. Make sure you check customer reviews and identify what the experience of previous customers has been like with that particular ISV. No one is more honest than previous customers who have invested time and money into partnering with a software development team. These reviews can help you be confident in your choice of company to partner with, and they can help you be aware of problem areas to watch out for.

Make Sure They Do Testing

Development is one thing. Effectively testing a product is another. Make sure that the ISV partner you choose does adequate software testing alongside development, so that you are never saddled with a half-baked product for your company. Testing services should already be provided as a part of any reputable ISV partnership. Just check the fine print to be sure yours is.

Look at Their Legacy

What kinds of partnerships do they currently hold? How long have they been in partnership with those groups or organizations? Examining a company’s client legacy, as well as their communal impact, can help you identify a partner that’s truly reputable and reliable.

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