COVID19 – Redefining the Work from Home Paradigm

As the world reels under COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, it is important for us to not get overwhelmed by the current circumstances. With the situation worsening, many countries have already issued (or are in the process of) a complete lockdown resulting in a huge number of the workforce finding itself in the middle of a remote working situation. Working from home or a remote office comes with its own challenges.

Those who aren’t used to a lot of out-of-office workdays will take time to acclimatize with the changes that come with working remotely. From setting up temporary work-stations, ensuring security compliance, prioritizing your work to coordinating with teammates over virtual calls, there is a lot of planning and getting-used-to involved.

At ITCube, the anticipation of a worsening situation by the Senior Management and proactive planning ensured that all our employees were well-equipped to work remotely with compliance to security being a top priority. The “Pandemic Plan” was set into motion in a phased manner, prior to the lockdown. All employees have been provided with the right infrastructure, Team Leads are on top of work-allotment, and daily virtual meetings are conducted ensuring high productivity and quality of deliverables.

As the world embraces the new paradigm of working remotely (on a large scale), here are some tips that will help you effectively ace working-from-home! 



While these are truly unprecedented times, we at  ITCube would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who are at the front trying to break the spread of the virus and our thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered directly or indirectly due to the novel Coronavirus.

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