Digital Transformation Journey Enablement of A Major US Based Logistics Company

About the client

A large Logistics company with its HQ in the USA, that handles different logistical work-load, such as order fulfillment, for thousands of their clients on a daily basis making them one of the largest logistics companies and an industry leader in North America.

Business Challenges

  • Difficulty in generating cost projections based on the Advanced Ship Notice for deliveries.
  • Challenges while quickly verifying the invoice contract or the amount given by the courier.
  • Loss of time due to manual auditing and verification of invoices and orders.
  • Lack of a centralized database of past and current orders along with courier details.
  • Lack of real-time insights into cash flow and pending invoices.
  • Difficulty in compiling data for a better understanding of monthly, quarterly, or yearly orders and deliveries.


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