Digitizing Case Management & Enabling Collaboration In A Kuwait-Based Legal Firm

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About the client

The client is a Kuwait based company and was founded in 1963 as the first chemical fertilizer complex of its kind in the region. Today it is a petrochemical industry leader throughout the Middle East and a growing leader worldwide.

Business Challenge

  • Misplacement of legal files due to human errors while filing case-related paperwork.
  • Time-consuming and slow reporting system.
  • Lack of collaboration within the team and inefficient task tracking.
  • Missing hearing dates, case deadlines.
  • Delay in determining billable hours and processing expense reimbursement.

Solutions Provided

  • Task Management – email notifications for pending tasks closer to their deadlines.
  • Maintain a centralized location for documents with the admin approval process.
  • Dynamic Dashboard showing an overview of open cases, tasks, and pending actions.
  • Case Dashboard to search for a different case by case number or other case-related data.
  • Task Overview dashboard showing all assigned tasks to the user.
  • Upcoming hearings dashboard showing the upcoming dates with the previous hearing details

Business Benefit

  • Improved efficiency and productivity amongst users.
  • Seamless collaboration between different departments and key stakeholders of a particular case.
  • Eliminated misplacement of key documents owing to a 24×7 accessible digital document hub.
  • Simplified the execution of the Predefined set of Operations for different case types – called SOP (Standard Operational Procedure).
  • Email reminders and push notifications leading to a significant drop in the number of unattended tasks and missing case deadlines.
  • Efficient accounting by virtue of automated expense reimbursement and digital timesheets of billable hours spent on every case.
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