Empowered A USA-Based Large Medical Manufacturing By Virtue Of ABusiness Intelligence Tool


About Client

The client is one of the biggest medical equipment manufacturers in the U.S. Based in Columbia, South Carolina, the client also provides radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and software development systems for healthcare institutes.

Business Challenges

  • Inability to service multiple customers’ accounts simultaneously.
  • Difficulty in identifying business risks and departmental efficiency.
  • Inability to capture data from multiple sources and accounts.
  • Challenges due to improper Data Management and Governance.
  • Delayed decision making due to lack of accurate data.

Solution Provided

  • Developed a tool for the end-user to create charts and reports using a query builder.
  • Enable users to publish reports to other users within the organization.
  • Developed a multi-tenant application with different databases for customers.
  • Fully configurable analytical dashboards for efficient decision making provided to the client.
  • The scalable solution is extendable to client’s healthcare customers (hospital data management)

Business Benefits

  • Enabled users to quickly create data visualizations, and reports by virtue of pre-designed charts thereby improving user productivity.
  • Attractive dashboards and visualization within the tool enabling informed decision making by virtue of data analysis & visualizations.
  • Efficiency in servicing all customers by virtue of data analytics resulting in customer retention and repeat business.
  • Empowered users to configure data and chart properties, enabling users to identify and eliminate business risks.
  • User-defined dashboards and visualizations enabled the identification and elimination of business risks.
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