ITCube Develops a Feature-rich Robust Labor Management System for Construction Major


About the client

The Client is a major construction and contracting conglomerate in India that has multiple arms in the business and a cross country footing. It has various project sites (live and completed) across India. They wanted to automate some of their processes on these sites and in their project related practices including the management of their labour’s attendances and their wages.

Business Challenges

  • No automated attendance syncing of labours.
  • Primitive labour enrolment systems
  • Decentralized system and labour data
  • Current processes are tedious and time consuming.
  • No provision for wage calculations; was being done manually in excels across all project sites.
  • Compliance reports were built and generated manually.
  • It was tough to manage and monitor labour related records across the country across multiple regions and zones.
  • No way to leverage labour data for future need.

Solution Provided

We at ITCube have built a labour management system that allows seamless registration of labours, handles their attendance management as well as the calculation of their wages and subsequent generation of reports.

This system has a built-in capability of defining Projects, Contractors, Labours and to configure the wage rates for the labours according to their geographies and skill levels.

Some of the main features that we offered in the system:

  1. Centralized Biometric attendance syncing

Biometric devices are installed at the sites the labours are working, which are used by the labours while punching in. Their punch data is synced from the devices with our system and the labour’s attendance is handled and calculated accordingly.

  1. Labour enrolment

The labour enrolment process involving various processes as mandated by the regulatory authorities (Aadhar based KYC) can be set up in our system. Editing of employments/wage rates is possible.

  1. Project configuration including weekly off settings

Projects can be defined and be configured at the State/Central level; their weekly offs are also configurable which is reflected and considered for attendance/reports.

  1. Contractor configuration

Just like projects, contractors and their information can be configured in the system as well.

  1. Wage Rate Config & Calculation

Minimum Wage Rates can be configured in the system across different geographies and according to the skill of the labour. These can be overridden at the labour level as well.

In accordance to the attendance (workhours: present/overtime) and the wage rates, wage calculation can be done on a monthly basis to calculate the wages payable to the labours. Recovery of advances paid to the labours is also possible during wage calculation.

  1. Arrears Calculation

Recently, we have also built a solution that checks the wage rate changes for previous months and calculates the Arrears for all the labours for respective projects.

  1. User Management and Access Matrix

A supplemental module was built that manages users that can use the system securely and can define a custom access matrix based on different business rules at the customer’s end.

  1. Labour Connect

During the COVID-19 crisis, there was an urgent need to contact the labours and labour contractors when the sites were reopening; we designed a feature that seamlessly enables the business users at the client’s end to select and contact labours/labour contractors via SMSes based on various search parameters and also maintained reusability and transaction history for these messages.

Now this feature is being used to circulate labour trade/skill specific safety and best practice guidelines as well.

  1. Comprehensive internal reports as well as compliance reports (RDLC & Excel)

There are different types of reports that can be generated in the system

  1. Daily & Weekly Time Reports (Project & contractor wise workhours data)
  2. Admin Reports
    1. Contractor wise labour punch data
    2. Rolled up contractor level labour wage data (Actual punches)
    3. Expanded contractor wise labour attendance and wage related data (Actual punches)
  1. Costing reports
    1. Rolled up contractor level labour wage data (Approved punches)
    2. Expanded contractor wise labour attendance and wage related data (Approved punches)
  2. Compliance Reports

Built as per the format required for submission to the regulatory authorities.

  1. Analytics dashboards

These are being designed to leverage and project the data generated in the Labour Management System for actionable insights to Project/Regional and Corporate level business users at the customer’s end. Dashboards reflect labour data and trends with respect to attendance; punch timings, attrition, cost etc.

Business Impact

  • Seamless enrolment of labours including KYC ensures legal compliances as well as creation of a rich data repository that can be leveraged in multiple ways for future sourcing of labours.
  • Biometric and automated attendance that does away with brick and mortar manual attendance entries; proved helpful during COVID-19 crisis as well as it is a no contact attendance system.
  • Detailed wage calculation based on various business rules of earnings and deductions that enables generation of ad-hoc as well as compliance reports without any manual intervention. Top level adjustments are seldomly required.
  • Deployment of labour connect had a huge business as well as social value as it resulted in labours and labour contractors coming back to project sites during the lockdown unlock phase of COVID-19 and it is still used to circulate notices and safety guidelines.
  • The UI is fluid and easy to use and follows the branding guidelines of the customer’s brand.

Technology Stack

Software and hardware Platform: Web Application


  • Microsoft .NET Platform
  • Net Framework 4.5
  • Azure Authentication
  • 2 Application servers with Load balancing environment
  • 2 Database server Always on High Priority
  • SQL Server 16
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