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Hello everybody, in this Blog I will be discussing about new release of Microsoft SharePoint 2016, I will cover new things Microsoft added in this version of SharePoint also we will touch upon deprecated features from this release. As you may know, as of today in the world out of 10 Intranet sites 8 are built on SharePoint platform, this means SharePoint is in boom now days. Keeping this fact in mind Microsoft is trying to add more and more features to SharePoint to make it more robust platform for Intranet as well as Internet. The fact of the matter is that SharePoint server 2016 might be the last version of SharePoint designed to run on premises.

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 RTM version released on 14th March 2016. Microsoft changed the Look and Feel of SharePoint 2016 similar to SharePoint online i.e. Office 365.

New Features CIO should need to know in SharePoint 2016

  • One drive for business hybrid experience – means end user can see One-Drive files from Online as well as On-Premises. When you choose to redirect your OneDrive for Business a user is sent to the cloud when s/he clicks on the OneDrive icon in the app launcher.
  • Sites hybrid experience – end user can see O365 sites as part of On-Premise’s site
  • In this release of SharePoint Microsoft moved the App launcher at the top of page for easy access. This is the movement of Office 365's user interface down to SharePoint 2016.
  • Improved Mobile touch experience for smoother access on touch enabled mobile devices.
  • Switch Option for mobile devices, to switch from Mobile to Desktop View.
  • Social Yammer Integration – To improve the SharePoint social features, Microsoft has fully integrated Yammer with SharePoint 2016
  • Hybrid deployment automation – This feature provides a wizard based install for deploying Hybrid solutions (for both On-Premises and Online).
  • Compliance Experience – Compliance across On-Premises and Cloud
  • Next generation hybrid search – Microsoft has introduced new service application “Cloud Search Service Application” wherein end user can get search results from On-Premises and Online all together. In a hybrid scenario, there is now the capability to fully combine the search results so users only see one search result that combines both on-premises and cloud content.
  • Min Role installation of SharePoint 2016 – This type of installation is recommended for Development and Testing Environment only, it’s similar to SharePoint 2013 standalone installation.
  • Zero Down time patching – Installing SharePoint 2013 patches was a big headache for administrators because of the downtime. I remember for SharePoint 2013 SP1 it took around 4+ hours to complete installation in Farm, so here in SharePoint 2016 Microsoft promising on 0 down time

Improvements in SharePoint 2016 over SharePoint 2013

Sr. No. Feature SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016
1.       Project Server Add – On Integrate OOTB
2.       Office web app Yes – Separate Server Yes – Separate office online server
3.       Site collection creation 1 minute 1 sec
4.       Durable Links – Link will not change even after renaming or moving the documents No Yes
5.       Excel Services Integrated OOTB Require office online server
6.       Content Database Size 200 GB 1+ TB
7.       Indexed Items 100 Million 500 Million
8.       Max upload file size 250 MB to 2 GB 10 GB max
9.       Site collection per content DB 2000 with max up to 5000 100,000 Site collections per content Database

SharePoint Foundation


Yes Not yet available
11.   Standalone Installation Yes Min Role installation

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