Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

Emerging technology is the cornerstone of healthcare innovation, no doubt about it. There are countless blogs, articles and whitepapers out there on the basics and specifics of different emerging tech. So why is there still a gap between the available information and what healthcare leaders want to know?Based on our industry and target survey, you not only want to understand these technologies in the context of healthcare; but also want to assess how you can build these solutions in-house. You are responsible for your company’s tech strategy. So you want reliable, relevant information that you can directly apply within your organization.

This is what this initiative aims to address. We have partnered with emerging tech experts to bring you industry-specific tips, cheat sheets, tools and guides on 5 emerging technologies:

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Blockchain
  3. Robotic Process Automation
  4. Value Stream Mapping
  5. Asset Tracking

Pick any emerging tech of interest to you and download the free resources. No sign-up or subscription required, this is purely to help you get started on integrating emerging tech into your company’s IT strategy.

Why us?

With 20+ years of trusted relationships with leading healthcare businesses in the U.S., everything we do here is to empower healthcare companies to do what they do best.

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Data Analytics for Healthcare
Data Analytics for Healthcare In healthcare, the overarching aim is to improve patient safety, recovery and outcomes. All processes, activities...
Blockchain for Healthcare
Blockchain, at the core of it, is inherently tamper-resistant, transparent and distributive blocks of information that are linked to each...
9-step Roadmap for RPA Implementation
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Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare
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Asset Tracking for Healthcare
The word ‘asset’, used by all its lonesome, is incredibly vague. Do we mean physical equipment and machinery? What if...
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