Product : ICase360

Configurable Workflow & Request Management System

iCase360 is a case management tool which helps third party and independent case administrators to effectively process workmen compensation or vocational rehabilitation cases from inception to case closure with a core objective of a successful return to work of the injured worker. The overall domain of workmen compensation revolves around effective collaboration between the Case Manager with Injured Worker, Employer, Physician and other parties such as Insurance Company, Attorney, MCO, TPA, BWC, Non-Profit Organization & External Case Manager.


How Does iCase360 Work?

  • Register Case

  • Follow a pre-defined standard operating procedure for the execution of case

  • Log all case management activities being performed for the case

  • Generate case forms or reports (controlled by either BWC or TPA defined)

  • Invoicing of a case (CMS-1500 for BWC cases or predefined format of the TPA)

  • Continuous follow up (Facilitate effective decision making via Dashboards showcasing KPI)

  • Case settlement and closure

Benefits Of ICase360

Informative Dashboard

iCase360’s Dashboard is designed to provide a holistic view from on-going and pending cases to invoices raised, user can check all the information.

User Permissions

With iCase360, it is easy to assign role-based permissions for accounts and admins at different levels of approvals to streamline the process.

Data Master

InData in the form of cases, progress notes, contacts are digitally saved in a secure way so that it can be accessed by any admin.


iCase360 can also be linked with QuickBooks (for invoicing) and email feature so that the user can directly perform these actions from the system.

Data Exports

With iCase360, admins can easily export data such as billing invoices, contacts, case information in the form of excel worksheets.

Salient Features of iCase360

Case Manager

  • Comprehensive case registration and tracking process for Case Managers.
  • Plotting of various stakeholders of a case using google maps.
  • Consolidated billing tracker to track costs during the execution of the case.

Task Management

  • Easily assign tasks to case manager or vocational rehab specialists for any given case.
  • Automatically send email alerts to the task owners.
  • All tasks are mapped to an accounting code (Professional / Wait / Travel / Mileage) for invoicing purpose.

Case Forms

  • Case Forms are predefined by the type of job of a case and allow users to generate reports (PDF) with case information, users can download or email the forms directly from the system.
  • These forms are either controlled by BWC or defined & managed by the TPA or case management company.
  • Case Forms can be generated 1..n times and all revisions are maintained with in system boundaries.

Invoice Management

  • Billing Specialist user can manage and oversee appropriate billable items through ‘alerts’. User can also decide if they need to mark non-billable progress notes as billable items.
  • Invoices are generated as per predefined template setup by BWC i.e., CMS-1500 for state funded cases.
  • User can also transfer Self-Insured invoices to Quick Books with push mechanism along with detailed status of the invoice transfer.