Integrating Business Intelligence BI solution with LOB applications saves a hefty license cost

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Real Benefits of Integrating Business Intelligence BI solution with LOB applications

Ever wondered, what will be the benefits of Integrating Line of Business (LOB) applications with a BI tool? Wait but what exactly is a LOB application?

At first, it is not just another named coined… Basically these are business process applications vital to running an enterprise. They are end-to-end solutions with a lot of integration capabilities with comprehensive database management systems. That means they consume and generate tons of precious data about your businesses.  For example think of ERP, HCM, SCM systems that is important to keep businesses up and running.

LOB apps play a crucial role in supporting a wide range of business functions across industries and markets. They actually integrate core data and processes of a business organization and support day-to-day operations.

Data is outgrowing businesses and is becoming more complex. Independent proprietary Business intelligence (BI) systems are seen losing their ground. No more do they solve the actual purpose. When organizations want to build business intelligence, they need to create and store data. This data must factually validate the happenings in the organization. Otherwise data will be trash.  Indirectly, the LOB applications are also creating and storing data that exactly behaves as a representative of business processes and conditions.

And when you gather data from multiple LOB apps, there will be hardly any data missing of businesses. Now that all the data is available, why can’t organizations harness the data and make it useful?

According to reports from Forrester, BI has been a top implementation priority for organizations for a number of years. Firms are clearly recognizing the value of data and analytics when it comes to improving critical decisions and outcomes.

This is when integrating a BI solution (add-on) with LOB applications makes sense. By creating multiple BI components i.e. LOBapps and integrate them into an existing system for example, MS-SharePoint, organizations can build various statistical models to measure different metrics.

With Microsoft Business-Critical SharePoint partner ecosystem, create and implement customized BI solutions that focus on LOB app integration with SharePoint.  SharePoint integrates those disparate LOB apps through single, user-intuitive system.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server built on top of Windows SharePoint services platform enables the following business intelligence capabilities

  • Business Intelligence – SQL BI Integration
  • Business Intelligence – The Report Centre
  • Business Data Catalog (BDC)
  • Business Intelligence – Excel Services
  • Enterprise Search and much more….

And easily deploy business intelligence feature based on organization business scenarios in several ways. Few scenarios examples are defined below.

  • Based on purpose and data collection of businesses for employee records and billing.
  • Based on business processes for Prediction analysis, Forecasting and data mining
  • Based on IT infrastructure deployment and security concerns such as Expense reports and Incident tickets

Organizations can save a lot even while increasing their productivity by miles.  Integrating LOB applications with Microsoft SharePoint offers unmatched benefits to customers.

  • Go Mobile: Always ensuring Mobility with Microsoft BI applications… Access on the go…
  • Greater Return on Investment with better Return on value
  • Low Total cost of ownership
  • Enable BI throughout your organizations

Integrating LOB apps with BI tools is much cost-effective and productive than using SAP/Oracle BI tools. LOB –BI integration offers unrivalled features, always accessible, innumerable features, and multiple tools. Also save on those hefty licensing cost of individual BI systems.

According to Gartner survey, CIOs picked business intelligence and analytics as their top technology priority for 2012. The market research firm predicts that enterprises will spend more than $12 billion on business intelligence (BI), analytics and performance management software this year alone.

If you are among them as predicted above, then “Integrating Business Intelligence BI solution with LOB applications” is the way to go

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