ITCube Delivers A Robust Human Asset Tracking Solution For A Middle Eastern Oil Corporation

Human Asset Tracking Product Development

About the Customer

Established in 1934, the customer is a major Middle East-based Oil corporation involved in crude and natural gas exploration, on-shore and off-shore surveys, drilling of test wells, and developing producing fields. The corporation is amongst the biggest oil companies in the world.

Business Challenges

  • Dependency on Manual logs to manage critical data such as – Contractor, Roster, Timesheets or Register, Overtime, Performance Reviews, Duty Roster, Capacity Planning, Demobilization
  • The customer used manual spreadsheets to manage Service Order and Invoicing.
  • Over-dependence on biometric data paper-based data logs leading to difficulty in monitoring employee attendance logging.
  • Lack of transparency and discrepancies during sharing of crucial information due to absence of integration between different standalone systems
  • Time-consuming, manual process for review and approval of other contractor resources (request for services, vehicles, etc.)
  • Lack of a central system to manage: Client Manpower, OEM Service Engineer / IT Specialist, Office Desks, Personal Computers, Application Access, Security Pass, Gas sticker, UPS, HSE Violation System, Vehicle & Equipment, Catering Staff.

Solution Provided

ITCube successfully delivered a fully integrated and automated Contractor Personnel Management System that enabled digital transformation in various critical processes.

  • ITCube’s team provided a centralized solution for all the contractors across the Oil Company.
  • Provided customized data to the customer for invoicing process.
  • Enabled Standardization of attendance, overtime, excuse, service order creation process.
  • Workflow management
  • Authentication and authorization process
  • Bulk upload functionality for fast processing.

Silent Features

  • Efficient UI-UX Design – A simple and easy-to-use interactive user interface aligned with the customer’s branding.
  • Contractor Staff Management – Easily create a digital repository of necessary details of every staff member such as – Name, Date of Joining, Employee ID, Contact number, and work information such as job location, Supervisor name, and key responsibilities.
  • Timesheet & Attendance Management – Swiftly integrate the CPMS with Biometric Smartcards for attendance and timesheet management.
  • Leave Management – Automated the entire workflow right from applying for leaves to approval/rejection from supervisor/manager within the system itself. Easily Consolidate data from Time & Attendance, Timesheet, Overtime, and Leave & Absence.
  • Accurate Billing Information – A comprehensive solution to accurately add and broadcast Invoice and Billing information.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Consolidated reporting that empowered the supervisors and stakeholders to analyze the data efficiently.

Business Benefits

  • Effective decision-making and optimization of business processes as a result of accurate data capturing and reporting
  • Full Integration with Existing System resulting in quick turnaround time for key business processes
  • Quick turnaround time for priority tasks by virtue of dynamic Workflows to Trigger Functions
  • Complete Control and Transparency over employee attendance, timesheets, leave management, and performance rating.
  • A robust Central System to Manage Contractor Data from multiple locations.
  • Transparency in all processes within Contractor Personnel Management System
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