ITCube Delivers a Multi-tenant Enterprise Application to A Netherlands based Organization


About the Client

The client is a Netherlands-based Government and semi-government organization. ITCube developed a multi-tenant, component-based enterprise architecture product called IControler.

Business Challenges

  • Disconnected applications and processes were leading to a loss in time and revenue.
  • Growing complexity of information management.
  • Demand for higher quality, timeliness, and effectiveness in organization processes.
  • Poor collaboration between the different business process teams. 

Solution Provided

ITCube designed new architecture with the latest technology like React-Flux, GoJS WebAPI, etc. Also provided support to existing IControler application (Silverlight application).

IControler Software product provides a tool for an Enterprise to create a model for their processes, based on the seven layers of any enterprise, which are: a) Product, b) Organization, c) process, d) Information Layer, e) Applications, f) data structures, g) Infrastructure.

Additionally, it provides industry-leading enterprise architecture techniques, such as TOGAF Archimate® and BPMN toolset helps the users create and represent models in a standard way.

The information architected in terms of the models and the model itself is executable. One can directly connect IControler to other systems such as Active Directory, SinglePoint-For-All, and through web-services can synchronize (pull or push) the information to virtually any third-party systems, without the need of any administrative efforts from the other end.

Salient features of the application

  • Component-based development
  • Task configuration and the associated steps
  • Collaboration of product with SinglePoint-For-All, which is based on SharePoint
  • Multilingual support
  • Flexibility to design UI templates

Business Benefits

  • Integrated application sharing information
  • Advanced central governance environment that consistently and consequently relates the correct information in IT systems
  • Manage complex & in-consistent structure of today’s business
  • Effortlessly integrated the product with different legacy applications required to manage the organization’s complex structure
  • Significantly reduce the SharePoint administrator cost
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