Labour Management System(LMS)

A tailor-made Labour Management solution to monitor labour attendance, wage calculation, and various statutory compliances

Monitoring attendance and doing complex wage calculations for thousands of laborers working at different project site across the country are challenging tasks. Add to that periodic adherence to various statewide statutory compliance – which in itself is a humongous and tedious task.

ITCube has developed Labour Management System (LMS) which combines all the core elements of labourers including payroll, scheduling, vacation administration, time tracking etc. By combining these core functions into one centralized platform, the client can see everything on the platform thus avoiding the drudgery of preparing and compiling data in various excels.

Benefits of Using LMS Web Portal

Centralized System to Track Attendance

Using our LMS web portal gives you the convenience of tracking labor attendance quickly. You can find attendance data on a virtual and centralized platform. Thus, spotting the low, high, and average attendances will become easier.

Centralized System to Connect Vendors

The LMS web portal also facilitates access to multiple attendance tracking devices from various vendors. The portal is compatible with different devices, and you can track attendance according to the vendor’s devices.

Labor Database

Creating and managing a huge labor database are not the easiest things. You can create and manage such a database using the LMS web portal, and the space is scalable; thus, you can build a pan-India labor database on this platform.

Government Compliance Reports

In labor-management, compliance has a crucial role to play. Apart from maintaining compliance, the LMS web portal helps generate government compliance reports in minutes.

Daily Attendance Reports

Productivity of labor depends on the sincerity in attending the workplace. You can track daily attendance reports of the laborers and spot the ones with the lowest and highest attendance using this web portal.

Key Features
Project Management
  • Contractor Configuration
  • Labour enrolment
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Comprehensive internal reporting
Attendance Management
  • Attendance calendar
  • Bio-Metric device mapping
  • Holiday Management
  • Site Admin access to Attendance Amendments
Wage Management
  • Manage wage rates
  • Wage Calculation
  • Arears Calculation
  • Advance / Fines Recovery
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