Myths about Outsourced Product Development

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Myths about Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced product development seems to be gaining popularity every year, and even some notable names have jumped on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, people are still fearful about outsourcing their development work, but much of that hesitation is based on misunderstandings and myths surrounding these types of partnerships.

Loss of Control

Many people are afraid of losing control over the process or even ceasing to have a voice regarding the general direction of the project as a whole. The idea seems to be that once you turn over the reins, you will no longer have any say in the day-to-day work, much less over applicable guidelines and the broader vision. None of this is true. You can certainly allow your partner a fair degree of leeway if you prefer, but there is no requirement that you forego involvement and control. You can even hand over certain parts of the project while you retain other elements. An example of this might be outsourcing for testing services, such as manual testing and compatibility testing, while all other aspects are kept in-house.

This isn't an uncommon practice, and many companies will keep much or most of their software development under their direct control. Additionally, even if you do hand off UI/UX development to another agency, that doesn't mean that you have no say in what they do. You're always able to make adjustments, provide feedback, and critique their work every step of the way. It's still your property, and they should be dedicated to producing something that's up to your standards and in line with your plans.

Loss of Quality

Keep in mind that any outsourced product development company still has professional developers. They have just as much training, experience, and education as anyone else doing the same job, and you can be certain that they take pride in their work and want it to be top of the line. When people hear that they can save money by outsourcing, they sometimes think that a reduced price must automatically entail poorer craftsmanship. However, that isn't at all true. You can rest assured that you'll get an excellent product. After all, do you really think industry leaders would trust their development to outsourced agencies if they didn't think what they're getting is of adequate quality?

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