3 Way Hospitals Can Improve Patient Care By Leveraging Healthcare Analytics

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The healthcare domain has always been an early adopter of cutting-edge technology. From hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to pharmaceutical manufacturers, businesses in the domain have leveraged technology to optimize the processes and elevate their business. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently revealed that the volume of data being generated in the healthcare system is already up 49 percent since January 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. Today, the industry is amid a data revolution thanks to the wide adoption of connected devices that collect data in real-time from different sources.

Making sense of this enormous amount of data and using it to your advantage is a challenge that businesses in the healthcare domain are constantly trying to overcome. Today, Data Analytics & Visualization Platform like ITLytics has enabled the stakeholders to take advantage of the available data and use it to unlock the hidden insights. Healthcare analytics plays a key role in finding newer ways to optimize crucial aspects such as patient care. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into how data analytics software is ensuring patient care remains a top priority for hospitals.

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Every visit to a medical facility results in data collected from the patient including medical history, recent lab test results, past allergies, prescription medicines, etc. One of the first impactful uses of widespread data analytics software is to analyze and make this information accessible to all the stakeholders for informed decision making. With robust data visualization software like ITLytics, users can easily import this data to understand patterns regarding patient visits and sick-time and accurately predict the trend and elevate patient care. Today, EHRs form a key part of digitization in hospitals and are fully capable of reminding doctors about possible triggers warnings, medicines, etc.

Improve Practitioner Performance

With the adoption of healthcare analytics and easy access to some of the best data analytics tools such as ITLytics, the focus on hospitals has shifted from volume care to value-based care. The health care practitioners are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of this data revolution thanks to the analysis that helps in the evaluation of data collected directly from patients such as complaints, feedback, visit patterns, and impact on the patient’s health. Operational administrators can compare the performance based on parameters such as the number of re-visits within 30-days, appointment cancellations with particular practitioners to spot patterns. Such insights enable the decision-makers to understand which aspects such as interpersonal communication skills, time management, etc. need improvement to elevate patient care to the next level.

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Personalized Care

A big reason why hospital owners are investing in data analytics and deploying data analytics software such as ITLytics organization-wide is due to the possibilities of providing personalized care to their patients. When important information such as patient allergies, dietary, and environmental needs is stored in digital form, it alerts the staff and ensures the patient experiences a uniform service on every visit. With the competition in the industry at its peak, small things such as having an eye for detail and offering personalized care helps in ensuring customer loyalty for the long term. Consider this example: If a patient is scheduled to visit the medical center weekly for physical therapy or consultation, collecting information on their preferred time, room admission preferences enables the hospital staff to provide a personalized experience to the patient.

As we go further into how technology has empowered the healthcare domain, we will look at many different aspects directly related to data analytics. If you have a hospital and are yet to get on the healthcare analytics bandwagon, ITCube Data Visualization Services is the best place to start! Our data visualization platform ITLytics is industry proven and cost-effective way of venturing into data-driven decision making. Contact us today for a free demo by emailing us at inquiry@itcube.net