Workflow System

A Configurable Workflow Management System

ITCube offers the best configurable workflow system for businesses looking to upgrade or adopt digital workflow and business process management. The workflow system is a perfect tool to help users collaborate between multiple departments for business processes and requirements. With an easy-to-use functionality it is a one-stop software solution to end unorganized process and request management.

Benefits of ITCube's Workflow Management System

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Streamline Processes

It’s an efficient workflow system that allows employees to collaborate, reduce bottlenecks & increase scalability.

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Dynamic Dashboard

Well-designed graphical dashboard that shows user the entire process of a request from initiation to approval.

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Eliminate Errors

With our workflow system, employees can cut down errors by following a strict procedure for every request. – Library Resources


Salient Features


  • Initiate Request: A user can initiate a new request themselves or on-behalf-of someone else and also see the process flow & different levels of approvals.
  • Add Notes: Users can add supporting information as a note so that the approver can gain crucial details of the request.
  • Documents: Upload any image, document or spreadsheet while creating a new task by choosing the file from the file explorer.

Access & Authorization

  • Assign Access: Admins can choose to assign roles such as reporting manager, supervisors and approver according to their requirement.
  • Set Conditions: The company can set parameters according to the different value, specification and type of the request that is being generated.
  • Delegate: Allows a different user the right to approve/reject any request on his/her behalf. This feature is useful in the absence of a RM/supervisor.

Progress Tracking

  • Email: Email notifications will be sent to the request initiator whenever any action such as approval, rejection, new note etc. is made on the request.
  • Pending Actions: Check past requests and pending actions on current requests they have generated or the ones that need their action under this menu section.
  • Process Flow: Users can see a progress bar which has different icons when they log-in, showing the process flow of requests in the workflow system.

Request Cycle

  • Approve: Define approval levels for requests thus collaborating supervisors from different departments & ensuring approvals are processed on time.
  • Reject: Supervisors or Reporting Manager can reject the request, add a comment in the notes section and ask the request initiator to re-submit it for approval.
  • Recycle: The reporting manager can perform this action if he/she wants some changes which can mentioned in the added notes/comment section.
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