Master Data Management Solutions

Rethink how you manage, centralize, and govern the flow of your critical business data. Enhance the accuracy and consistency of your key data assets with our Master Data Management Services!

Master Data Management Services

Data is at the core of today’s digital business world and plays a quintessential role in making important business decisions. However, this data is usually scattered and unstructured causing redundancies and even economic losses to some extent. Master Data Management (MDM) solutions help in resolving such data-related issues. In this process, data is consolidated at a unified repository for better visibility and easy accessibility.

ITCube’s Master Data Management Services help organizations streamline business processes by reducing data complexity and obtaining high-quality data. Our services include master data management strategy, master data management consulting, data migration services, data consolidation services, data governance services, MDM integration services, inventory validation services, MDM cleansing and enrichment solutions, customer MDM services, MDM support services, etc. Our MDM team has years of experience and excellent domain expertise in catering to a wide range of clients.

We have completed numerous MDM projects in the last few years. For one of our clients, a fortune 100 company in the USA, which is a manufacturing and automation giant, we did the analysis of 15,000+ material line items and based on this, enriched their existing master data. We thus made sure that duplicate items are eliminated, uniqueness of items is maintained, and erroneous data is removed, thus, improving data completeness.

A Bit About ITCube

We are an established software services provider enabling digital transformation for worldwide clients since our inception in the year 2003. We are a trusted technology firm and have been working with some of the most innovative software organizations for decades.

We leverage next-gen tools and technologies to empower our clients to simplify operations, boost productivity, and get maximum returns on their IT investments. Our services include software engineering, cloud computing, master data management, SharePoint services, enterprise application services, data and analytics, ERP, Business Intelligence, and more. We also have designed some modern software products such as ITLytics, ITConnect, Qualcon, Labour Management System, etc. Here is why you should choose us for your upcoming project without any second thought:

  • Partnerships of 25+ years with premium clients across diverse industry domains
  • A team of master data management executives, consultants, and project managers
  • Usage of robust and advanced master data management tools and technologies
  • Proactive approach and adherence to the set deadlines for on-time delivery
  • Agile development methodology to facilitate faster and more transparent collaboration

Our Approach for Master Data Management


Lastly, we extend the solution to other categories like Medium Critical and Low Critical items. We seek continuous improvement for data accuracy through process enhancements.



This step involves analysis of existing data of the resources/materials. Here, we carry out an 80-20 pareto analysis based on expenditure, then we identify the critical resources and deep dive into this critical category.



In this step, we identify distinguishable groups/sub-groups of the resources. We also identify optimization opportunities like data consolidation, duplication elimination, improving uniqueness, etc. using data science techniques.



We then enrich the data through different solutions like category-based UPC data sources, and data collection using techniques like Data Cleansing, MPN, UPC, EAN, FSN Analysis, ABC Analysis, VED Analysis, etc.

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Noteworthy Benefits Of Master Data Management Services

How you maintain your master data is now more crucial than ever due to rising data volumes and increased demand for data processing. By implementing an effective master data management process, your organization can reach new heights of success. A smart MDM system has the potential to enhance the quality, consistency, and accessibility of your business-critical entities, like asset data, product data, employee data, vendor data, client data, location data, etc. Let's delve into some of the remarkable advantages of MDM.

  • Data-rich and intuitive insights to provide superior real-time experiences to clients
  • Overcome data inconsistencies and redundancies to avoid data duplication
  • A centralized data repository to access important data as and when required
  • Inventory reduction owing to unnecessary data removal
  • Faster search on the database due to data cleansing
  • Easy visualization of data and workflow to identify and fix quality-related issues
  • Lower error rates leading to reduced transactional costs
  • Lowered risks and easy accomplishment of regulatory compliance
  • Effective data sharing and collaboration between employees and teams
  • Data standardization across systems, processes, applications, etc.

Why Partner With ITCube For Master Data Management Solutions?

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We help you manage your crucial organizational data with our smart master data management framework. We personalize our solutions as per your business requirements and deliver solutions that help you enhance operational efficiencies, save costs and stay ahead of the competition. When you partner with us, we offer:

  • Data Enrichment
  • Single Version of the Truth
  • Data Complexity Reduction
  • Harmonization
  • Consistent Data Governance
  • Hyper-personalization
  • High-quality Data
  • Better Decision-making
  • Digital Transformation
  • Privacy and Security
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Reduced Risks and Wastage
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Enterprise Analytics
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