Advantage Of Being A Microsoft Gold Partner

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Microsoft Gold Partner is a certification program that renders Microsoft’s accreditation for independent technical support businesses. Since Microsoft is a globally well-known IT company, obtaining accreditation from the company can boost the reputation of a business. Thus, many technical support rendering companies apply for the Microsoft Gold Partner certification.

So, how beneficial is the certification for a small-scale enterprise? Through a press release, Microsoft has announced a 21% increase in revenue in the last quarter of 2021. Cloud services of the company mainly drive the hike in revenue. In such a scenario, more than 60% of small enterprises anticipate that the Microsoft Partner program will render technical guidance for cloud migration, integration, and other updates.

So, why should a business obtain Microsoft Gold Partner certification? In the following section, find the advanced Microsoft Gold Partner program.

The Benefits for Independent Technical Services

The independent technical service providers apply for the Microsoft partner programs for many reasons. You can find two types of Microsoft partner programs: Gold and Silver. As the names imply, Gold Partner certification is more prestigious than the Silver Partner program.

The gold partners have access to Microsoft toolkits, utilities, ongoing training programs, and more facilities. All such facilities help the business to develop skills to deal with the technical issues that users may face with various Microsoft products. Find a list of a few more Microsoft Gold Partner program facilities below.

  1. Priority in various partnership opportunities with Microsoft
  2. A stronger partner network connection
  3. Continuous updates, news, tutorials, and support
  4. Microsoft licenses for more than 100 MS products
  5. Access to the smarter training tools and programs
  6. The certification batch for your business

Increased Revenue and Brand Value

Obtaining the Microsoft Gold Partner certification helps a business to improve brand value. People will find your business trustworthy, as you have the Microsoft Gold Partner badge beside your business logo. The increasing brand exposure of a company can also improve the revenue. Your business will find more clients due to the Microsoft Gold Partner certification.

More Efficient and Accurate Services

Obtaining a Microsoft Gold Partner certification is not an easy thing. Only a few selected businesses receive the certification, and thus such firms have the perfect skills to render technical support to clients. Nevertheless, the Microsoft Gold Partner program also allows a business to access various resources that help grow. A Microsoft Gold Partner company receives all updates and advanced tutorials to improve efficiency.

Strategic Advisory Services

A Microsoft Gold Partner offers more than technical IT support to the organizations. Such companies are poised with technical insights to render strategic advisory services to small enterprises. A small business can improve efficiency by implementing various Microsoft tools and systems. Which Microsoft system can particularly help your business? The Microsoft Gold Partner can help you find the most proficient and productive Microsoft tools and programs.

On-Demand Tech Support

Microsoft users and small enterprises trust the Microsoft Gold Partner for their technical insights and skills. Many businesses require on-demand technical support, and they should choose the Microsoft Gold Partner companies. Such companies have the right technical knowledge and expertise to deliver on-demand tech support.

Maintaining the Standard Practices

Following the standard industry, practices are essential for the IT industry. A systematic approach in rendering technical support will eventually help the small enterprises to obtain the most satisfactory services. A Microsoft Gold Partner company follows the standard industry practices for delivering top-notch IT support to its clients. Thus, Microsoft users look for companies that embrace standard practices.

So, these are some of the benefits of choosing Microsoft Gold Partner program certification.

ITCube has achieved Microsoft Gold Competency for many years and benefit from access to Microsoft Support, along with the latest cutting-edge technology tools and training courses which allow us to support our customers better and satisfy every business need.

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