Enabling Informed Decision Making By Leveraging Data Analytics In Construction Industry


The coronavirus has halted the construction industry prompting layoffs, project delays, furloughs, and cancellations. As the organizations slowly recover from the COVID-19 impact, it is important to know how they can overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic going forward. Around 40 percent of construction businesses are looking to adopt new-age software like data analytics and visualization to create an impact on labor shortages, change orders, employee productivity.

ITLytics is a premier data visualization platform designed to empower organizations in the construction domain. Showcasing the insights from the available data in a meaningful manner enables key stakeholders to get an overview of the stop-gaps & predict future trends instantly. Leveraging the power of predictive analytics and pre-designed data visualizations templates, stakeholders in construction businesses can use ITLytics as their go-to business data analytics software to identify risks and take data-backed informed decisions.