How Can An Intranet Benefit Your Retail Business?

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When we talk about the data and information, you actually mean videos, pictures, documents, emails, etc. Every sector follows the trend of paperless, but people are unaware of its pros and cons. Creating, sorting, arranging, and managing paperless data is quite challenging.

Undoubtedly, following the paperless trend is recommended, but you have to take the pain of managing the data. At this point, the only solution is using the document management system for managing the documents.

Many businesses are already making crucial business decisions by depending on such systems.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss why SharePoint is one of the most preferred enterprise content management systems.

  1. SharePoint Is Very Affordable

    Many businesses are already enjoying the advantages of SharePoint. The best part is they got this system almost for free while purchasing servers and the enterprise license. On the other hand, some large organizations have already got SharePoint for free. Nevertheless, if you’re still not using this document management system, the SharePoint licensing is super affordable compared to other systems.

  2. Security Provided By The SharePoint

    When it comes to SharePoint solutions, security is one of the key factors that shouldn’t be overlooked. When it comes to SharePoint, it comes with a Microsoft Active Directory, one of the key integrations. This directory allows the owner to access the files, modify and share them with others.

    Whatever actions you take on the SharePoint portals are 100% auditable. On the other hand, if you experience some security threats, you have the freedom to encrypt the files. This thing you can’t expect from the other management systems.

    Even if hackers want to access your encrypted files, they can’t do anything due to the strong encryption. A key benefit you can expect after investing in SharePoint solutions.

  3. You Get Third-Party Support

    See alone, SharePoint isn’t enough to streamline the data management process. Sometimes the requirements are pretty complicated, and alone, SharePoint won’t help you. Thanks to the third-party companies that provide you some good services to develop customized SharePoint solutions for your personalized needs. As SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s key products, the third-party vendors will be happy to integrate with this document management system.

  4. It Comes With Default Records Management

    The collaboration will improve when the documents are shared with the team workers and automated auto-saving process. As a result, the enhanced collaboration will be undoubtedly advantageous for your company.

    However, when working on specific projects, you need to submit the final draft to your clients. You might have to get a hard copy and preserve it somewhere in your office vault. As a result, you have to create a paper format catalog for those final versions.

    However, when using the SharePoint portals, there is no need to make a separate catalog for the final versions. Now, you can use SharePoint’s Records Management features to store all the necessary documents in one place. You can also decide the storage location at your convenience. As the final versions are locked and encrypted, you don’t need to worry about security threats.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous enterprise document management systems available in the market, but nothing can take the place of SharePoint. Due to the robust capabilities and tons of features, you don’t need to look for other ECMs. In conclusion, start leveraging the benefits of SharePoint for your business.

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